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Below is an example of some of our work

Alexei Sayle - Last Laugh

Filming for the Dying Matters campaign.

The Houghton Weavers

A weekend filming the Weavers and their fans!

Filming in Oxford

Working with a camera-shy film director!

Live Multi-camera Shoot

Our live production set-up at GMEX.

Mike working with Emma Bunton

Writing and Producing with Emma Bunton

A serious on-camera moment!

We own and operate our own ENG kit

Nompumelelo Educare Centre

Hard not to smile when filming here!

Out on the road...

  Have kit  –  will travel

Top Chef Reuben Riffel

Filming in his home town of Groendal, SA

ICO Conference 2014

Exchange Auditorium, Manchester Central.

The King of Blues Guitar

Filming with the Great BB King in Los Angeles

Octocopter Operation

Octocopter control… a serious business

Hope Through Action

We met some inspiring people in South Africa

Richard and Adam

Filming the Britain’s Got Talent finalists in Wales

Dolly Parton

A BBC project with the lovely Dolly

Canon C300

One of our favourite workhorse cameras

Discs / Awards

Some of Mike’s discs for Producing & Writing

A moment of Inspiration?

Asleep… or just searching for inspiration!

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